Friday, June 27, 2008

More Stashy Enhancement

Though my spinning passion lately has been for hand-dyed rovings, my heart still thumps a bit over natural wool colors. This multi-colored Shetland roving came from Shunklies, in England (link in Stash Enhancers). I've never spun Shetland and am looking forward to trying this. Shetland wool is theoretically very *grabby* and it's the traditional yarn used in Fair Isle Sweaters. Also theoretically, knitters cut steeks in Shetland wool without reinforcing them and the steeks don't ravel. I don't intend to put that theory to the test.

Yummy Yarns (from BC, Canada- link in Stash Enhancers) came through again- I don't think I've seen a single one of their dyed rovings that I don't want. These 3 new ones are totally gorgeous- there's Ianto, which is dark purple Finn lamb (oh so soft); Juice Glass, which is green/yellow/orange BFL; and an untitled Corriedale that is neon turquoise, pink and yellow. All are 4 oz, and all are destined for socks, or at least sock-weight yarn (Juice Glass and Neon will be spun as 3-ply self-striping, I'm not sure about Ianto. I might just 2-ply that and let the purples/blacks mix and blend randomly).

And here's a totally gratuitous shot of The Great Railing 'O Rovings. I decided that they could be displayed the same as the spun yarn. L-R: 3 from Twisted Fiber Arts, 4 from Yummy Yarns, and 2 from A Knitted Duck. I pet them every time I walk past, just like I do the yarn.
On the far left, the handspun yarns are: Yummy Yarns Patootie and green coordinating, Yummy Yarns So Far Away (on the needles already- pics tomorrow). To the right of the rovings: Spindle Spun Riot Bamboo from Butterflygirl Designs, and the natural colored cormo (the subtle color changes show up more in that shot than in any I took specifically to show the color changes).


Cara said...

Gorgeous stuff! *drool drool*

sharecropper said...

Egad, you have beauty all around you and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I also have hanks of beautiful yarn as decorative pieces in my home. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

Michele / akkasha said...

Those are some beautiful rovings. I want to steal the Ianto! I love the colors in that.