Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Didja miss me?

I sure missed you all. It's good to be back.

Happily, Qwest got the new modem to me a day early, and I got it hooked up and installed (I feel like such a Techie) and I'm back in business. Though I took advantage of my inability to waste time online by working on that deadline thingie that has been hanging over me for the last 6 months (I have decided that my next book is going to be One Size Fits All- no more head-exploding number crunches for days on end as I size out patterns), it was still a long slog without e-mail, or blogging (mine or all the others I read), or ebay, or Etsy, or Ravelry. And I was so disappointed to learn that Twisted Fiberarts had a pre-order while I was out of commission, and I therefore missed getting a skein of Netherfield sock yarn. Again.

On the plus side, I had ample time to discover that I will never win Spider Solitaire. And I now know that the lumberyard parking lot is the place to swipe a bit of internet access in an emergency (I'm hoping it was just rude to do that, and not actually illegal).

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