Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cutie Patootie

It wasn't that I got tired of spinning the Shropshire- I did spin another largish skein (3.2 ozs, 101 yds, 2-ply, worsted weight), and it came out well (just a tad darker than the first one, though that didn't show in any pics. I assume that's because the roving came from assorted sheep, not a single fleece). It's just that the Patootie roving from Yummy Yarns called to me.

Patootie is handpainted Corriedale, which is a little more coarse than the BFL rovings (also from Yummy Yarns), but still soft enough. And it's a pleasure to spin. I was able to divide the roving into equally matching color repeats (2 strips per bobbin, with the leftovers to be spun into a single small skein for toes and extras). I have already spun up a bobbin full, and it's waiting for me to 3-ply it (after I finish the sock-book work for the day).

It occurred to me that though they were dyed by different people, the Patootie roving, and the Twisted Fiberarts Ravelry roving are much the same- pink bordered by black, separated by green. The Twisted is boldly colored, and the Patootie is pastel, but they're the same theme. And I imagine that I chose both (outside of the fact that you buy whatever you can of Twisted when it's available because it's not available often) because I have always been drawn to watermelon colors- and these are definitely watermelonish. I've designed watermelon socks, watermelon sweaters, and I've spun watermelon yarns. I just like watermelon, I guess- so dyers, if you want to lure me in, mix up those pinks, corals and greens.

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