Friday, June 13, 2008

Why I Need a Huge Stash

I finished spinning and 3-plying the Corriedale Patootie roving from Yummy Yarns. I ended up with 252 yds (and nearly 4 ozs, more than I thought I had), which is just exactly enough to knit a pair of socks for me, but not enough to feel good about it. I mentioned finding, or dyeing, some coordinating roving to spin for the ribbing, heels and toes, and I fully intended to do that until I passed by my Great Railing O'Yarn (for the future stranded sweater) and spotted a skein of already-spun yarn that is the perfect shade to go with Patootie.

This yarn is merino/silk, and it's spun more finely than the corriedale, so I will have to double the strands, or jockey the stitch numbers to knit the ribbing/heel/toe with much smaller needles and more stitches (I think I'll double-strand, that'll be so much easier).
I bought that roving at the North Country Fiber Fair a few years ago, with no specific project in mind. I knew the right one would come along when it was time. And it did.

Which is why I need that wool room, full of unused commercial yarn, full of unspun roving, full of undesignated handspun yarn. And it's why I need to go shopping for more. Right, honey?

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Karen said...

Always. You cannot have too much yarn. Okay, actually you can, but neither you nor I are approaching that limit yet, I'm quite certain. The exact limit is x, where x is an integer equal to all the current skeins of yarn in our combined stashs, plus 50. I have it on good authority.