Monday, June 16, 2008

New Feature- commercial reviews

I miss snarking on American Idol, and there are no other reality competition shows that interest me (though I do have multiple crushes on the Alaskan Crab Fishermen and Mike Rowe). I don't miss the fixed Tuesday/Wednesday deadlines (have enough deadlines in my life right now, thank you very much), but I do enjoy writing about TV. I spend a lot of my viewing time yelling at the screen about stupid commercials, so they're a logical target. Commercials I hate. Commercials I think are funny. Commercials I love (not too many of them, alas). Commercials I just want to talk about. The posts will be titled "A Word From Their Sponsors", and tagged with the word *commercial* for easy searching. Look for commentary here at irregular intervals, and feel free to post your own thoughts.

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Charles said...

There is always America Has Talent, (Some actually do).