Wednesday, June 25, 2008


At last- handspun yarn that can actually be called laceweight (and it's more than 100 YPO!). I spun up the Hydrangea roving (lovely subtle blues, purples and greens) that I got from A Knitting Duck, as finely as I could, and then 2-plied it. The resultant yarn is 3.8 ozs and 497 yards! The blues, purples and greens blend beautifully, and the colors should dance through the lace scarf that I intend to knit with this yarn.

I am thrilled with how this yarn came out and am eagerly looking for a suitable scarf pattern (though what I should really do is figure out an original Hydrangea-looking lace repeat on my own) (in my spare time, you know). Any pattern suggestions out there?


Tante J said...

Just beautiful! I love hydrangeas. Can't wait to see what you do come up with.

Karen said...

SO pretty!
And glad you're back online. We missed you!