Saturday, December 1, 2007

Knitter's Denial

It's a documented disease, found in knitters who know something is *wrong* with whatever they're knitting. They sense it. They feel it. They can actually see it.

And yet, they keep on knitting.

Case in point. Pumpkinmama at Pumpkinknits graciously gave her permission for me to adapt her They Call Him Spidey hat chart as mittens for my grandson. And wonderful woman that she is, she is allowing me to post that new pattern and chart. So I started the mittens, and got one done. Isn't it adorable?

Problem is, this mitten is for my 3 year old grandson, who has a 3 year old second cousin, for whom I have already knitted a pair of mittens. The children are basically the same size. I'm using the same brand of yarn. The same needles. The same gauge. And definitely the same knitter. Here are the mittens I made for them:


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