Friday, March 21, 2008

Acutal Knitting

I know this isn't just a knitting blog, but since I started work on the sock book, there has been precious little kntiting that I can show off. However, I was in between book projects last night, so I picked up the SKP 2008 Jacobean sock and worked on it for awhile. This is the 2nd sock, and I am past the heel (wrapped short-row, which is not my usual short row style) and have 1 1/2 diamond motifs left before the cuff treatment. The deadline on this pair is May 1, so though I'm well past medaling time, I'll still qualify for the next round (new pattern released on May 1).

This is a pretty pattern and the yarn (from Sunshine Yarns, Golden Snitch colorway) is lovely, and it was fun to work from someone else's pattern for a few hours.

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Anonymous said...

I saw your new felting book highlighted in an e-mail I got this morning from KnitPicks. It sounds like you're really keeping busy. I enjoy your blog and the free patterns, especially the kids snowmen/snowflake mittens. Keep up the good work and thanks!