Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SKP2008 #1 Jacobean Socks finished

I had a little bit of extra time over the holiday weekend- not enough to start a new project, and definitely not enough to design new socks for the book, but enough to finish the Jacobean Socks, which are the first pair (of 5) for The Sock Knitters' Pentathalon 2008.
This first pair was a fairly simple pattern and yet it still managed to drag me out of my comfort zone by forcing me to knit the pair toe up, with a wrapped short-row heel. I didn't knit them on circular needles as directed, because I'm more comfortable with dpns, but on the remaining pairs, I won't have that option. I have a feeling that the next patterns are going to obliterate the comfort zone entirely, which is a very good thing for a knitter.

I think I was the 117th knitter to post a pic of my finished pair, so I'm well out of medal range, but I'm mostly just knitting along for the joy of it.

The yarn requirements for Pair #2 will be listed in the middle of April, with the pattern released on May 1. I'm sure it'll be another adventure.

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