Wednesday, March 26, 2008

AI- Top 10 Elimination

I didn't hear most of the group-sing because I was too busy watching the terrible dancing. Not a one of those kids can move with the music.
The recap clips remind me that I didn't even notice Paula's Space Alien outfit last night, though tonight's Saloon Girl Ruffles made an impression. Not a good impression, but at least I saw them.

We start immediately by sending Chikezie to the Stools of Doom (which look like large, metallic martini glasses). Brooke is lucky, and safe, and Carly is forced to explain that she is lumpy, not preggers.

The Ford commercial tonight was too boring to register.

Then Ryan rushed David A off to the Couch of Comfort (does anyone actually believe he chose that song for himself? I smell a Stage Dad in the wings). David Cook inexplicably decided to wear a scarf as a back-pocket hankie, but is safe. Syesha joins Chikezie (was it the song, or the baby crying that did her in?). Though he's missing from my notes, somewhere in the mix, Michael Johns is given a reprieve as well.

Arrrgh! Constantine be gone.

Questions- again with the stupid viewer questions. How about just making the show 10 minutes shorter?

Season 2 was the first, and last, time that I loved the Top 3 equally. It was great to see Kim Locke again (though squooshing her ample bosom into that dress was perhaps an error in judgement). Her song was fine, her voice is still beautiful, she looks great, and I hope her restaurant is a success.

To my surprise, Ramielle is safe, also Kristy, who played the Flag-Waving Card and won, and which leaves sweet, stoned Jason headed for The Stools. Damn. I guess I'd better vote next week.

And it's goodbye Chikezie. I loved his voice, and I liked most of his performances, and his first Beatles' song was amazing. Go out into the world, Chikezie, and sing Luther for us old broads. We'll buy your album.

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lisamaesc said...

My bad! You were right about Michael Johns!