Monday, March 24, 2008

First Yarn

We spent a lovely Easter with a houseful of family- on Saturday, my two granddaughters (age seven, and almost seven) finally noticed the pots full of drop spindles up on the top of the bookcase in the living room. Both are beginning knitters, and I hadn't wanted to muddy the waters with yarn production, so I'd never pointed them out (they've seen me spin, but I haven't had the wheel out for quite awhile). They confabbed and then jointly asked (demanded) to be taught to drop spin. I cautioned them that it wasn't a skill to be picked up in the 20 minute window we had for spinning, but they wanted to give it a shot.

This is the result. Not bad for the first time spinning, eh? Though they only made a short length of plied yarn apiece, they came up with a perfect use for their first yarn. And they're most anxious to make more. We'll have more time to play on their next visit.

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ducky said...

It's so fun to pass on the fiber love! I love how they used their first yarn : )