Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SKP2008- finished first Jacobean Sock

I snuck a bit of recreational knitting in last night, and finished my first SKP2008 Jacobean sock. Modifications were allowed on this sock, and mine were pretty minor: I cast on the sts in the regular way for the toe, rather than using the Magic Cast On (and then sewed the seam closed later), I used dpns rather than 1 or 2 circulars, and since my gauge was tighter than the listed gauge, I had to tear the cuff out and redo it with larger needles and omit the twisted rib (which isn't as elastic as a plain ribbing). I am very happy with the sock, and I have already cast on the mate, and am into the first diamond motif.
The sock is drying on my homemade sock blocker- made from a coated wire hanger, bent into a sort of a foot shape. It's not glamorous, but it was cheap. And it works.

I'm way out of the running for a medal, but I will have a lovely pair of socks when I get done- so I'm still a winner!

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