Tuesday, March 18, 2008

AI Top 11 Performance

In which we learn that featuring The Beatles two weeks in a row was just about as good an idea as it seemed.

Amanda looks fantastic- much better hair, and wrestling that Harley has done wonders for her upper arms. Back in the USSR was a good choice for her, though it pointed out her limitations as much as her strengths. I'm rather amused that she's blatantly using AI as a springboard. There's no way she is going to win, so she might as well get a career boost out of the show.

Kristy Lee was better than last week on You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, but that's not saying much. It was still the worst performance of the night.

I'm a bit afraid for David Archuletta- he sounded very good, but the fear shows in his eyes now. I wish he'd waited a few years to let the rest of him catch up to that great big voice. I think he might fizzle.

An I-Phone endorsement in the middle of the show? Really Ryan?

Michael Johns continues to be completely bleh. His A Day in the Life was just plain bad- the 2nd worst of the night.

Brooke White made her first misstep with the perky-fication of Here Comes the Sun. When even Paula picks up on the yellow dress=the sun symbolism, you know you're aiming too low.

I hate to say it but David Cook's Daytripper was okay, but Simon is right- he's far too smug.

Carly's Blackbird was lovely. The best of the night, wearing the 2nd worst dress.

Small Digression: Who decided that ugly-ass floaty, polyester prints were this year's Big Thing? Once was enough with that stuff, and that once was 30-some years ago.

I can't help it, Jason makes me smile, except when he's making me laugh out loud. My Bill indeed.

Syesha went with the legs last week, and the bazooms this week, draped in Grandma's shower curtain. I loved the guitar, but not her performance. She'll be in the bottom 3 again this week, but will probably survive.

Chikezie is, hands down, the most improved performer this season. I loved the beginning of his song, but thought he speeded it up too much at the end. Even he suffered from a comparison to last week's superior performance.

I'm puzzled as to why Ramielle got the final slot- she has a huge voice, but it wasn't a good song for her. Her hat reminded me of those Tyrolean things we used to buy at the Washington State Fair, that you could get custom embroidered with your name.

Top 3: Carly, David A, and.... huge hesitation.... David Cook

Bottom 3: Kristy Lee, Michael Johns, Syesha

Going home? Kristy Lee
Please, next week do Polka, or Christmas Carols, or Gilbert and Sullivan. Anything but Lennon/McCartney.

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Anonymous said...

I've never been into American Idol. But, at work (a LYS) everyone is talking about it. So I am watching it this season. I read your blog for the knitting and now I am really enjoying the American Idol comments. I agree with your commentary, I love your writing style. Thanks!