Wednesday, March 12, 2008

AI- Top 12 Elimination

Note to David Cook: The Rat Pack called, and even they don't want that hat back.

So, Jim Carey has been reduced to shilling, which he does with a total deer (or rabbit, as per Simon) in the headlights expression. I wonder how Steve Carell got out of that gig.

The goup sing was not great, and I don't know why. But Chikezie and Carly sounded good, and I love me some pointy poses.

It was obvious which one of the first group was in the bottom three (I so want to pat Jason on his sweet, stoned head and send him to his room with a bag of Doritos and a handful of Twinkies). Syesha's faux singout was every bit as bad as last night's, but with more- a lot more- anger.

Because I'm old, I didn't recognize the song in the Ford commercial, but it made me laugh anyway.

And it was obvious, again, which one of the second group was in the bottom three. I have no idea, however, if Kristy's performance was an improvement because we hit the mute, but her St. Pauli Girl blouse was amusing.

Live questions from the viewing audience? No. No. No. No. Please, no.

Katharine McPhee looks good, sounds okay (not a huge fan), and sports a huge rock. Marriage seems to agree with her.

It was even more obvious who was the final Bottom Dweller, and the show totally telegraphed who was going home by the order of their naming. David Hernandez has a better voice than either Kristy or Syesha, but the combo of being totally boring and working in a Pizza Bistro (is that what they're calling it these days?) did him in. But we got to hear Ruben singing a pretty song, and I always liked him.

In the long run, it didn't really matter which of the three went home tonight- the other two will be heading out soon.

Lennon/McCartney again next week? I wonder if they got Sir Paul to agree to appear. I can't think of any other reason to repeat a theme.

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