Wednesday, March 19, 2008

AI- Top 11 Elimination

So Jordin has replaced my beloved Taylor as the lowest selling Idol winner. Just goes to show that you can lead people to pick up the phone, but you can't make them buy a CD.

The Beatles group-sing was everything that last night's performances weren't. As I watched, I realized that I am liking Carly more and more (which shoulda prepared me for the rest of the show, I guess).

Brooke is safe, no surprise there. Carly isn't: whoa. David A is safely on the tour, as is Michael Johns (I don't love him or his voice, but I fully expect him to make it at least to 4th or 5th place).

We not only have to watch a commercial embedded in the show, but we have to watch a commercial about making the commercial. That said, it was the best shill-job since Ruben and Clay pimped themselves out to win the affections of Kimberly Locke.

As little as I like David Cook, I would have been very surprised if he'd been in danger. Kristy Lee's Bottom Dwelling is no surprise since I fully expect her to go home. Knowing how AI likes to play, there was no way that either Jason or Ramielle (whose hair was out of her eyes for once) were in the bottom, since there were others left to torture.

The live questions are still supremely stupid.

For a fella of possibly ambiguous yearnings, Ryan sure is obsessed with Kellie Pickler's new boobs. Though I still don't like her voice, I did enjoy her performance- she polished up pretty well.

What in the hell did Fantasia do to her hair?

So, it's down to Amanda and Chikezie, but I'm not worried about either one, or Carly (even though she's in the bottom) because Kristy is going home, right?


Good luck Amanda. You should have made it to the tour.
I guess I'd better pick up the phone next week.
(edited to add on Thursday morning- I forgot about Syesha totally. Which says everything that needs to be said about her)

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