Wednesday, March 5, 2008

AI- Top 16 Women

This is Paula Abdul.

This is Paula Abdul on whatever the hell it is that Paula Abdul is on....

So, no one did Walk Like and Egyptian. Or Eternal Flame. I am deeply disappointed.

Asia'h wore unfortunate pants, and even more unfortunately, attempted Whitney. Will they never learn?

I have no idea what song Kady was singing, but I enjoyed it (amazing, since I usually dislike her enough to dislike her voice even when she's doing okay), and she kept the faces to a minimum.

Amanda's hair looked much better than her Cruella DeVille-do from last week, and she rocked her song.

The phone rang, so I didn't hear any of Carly's song, though she sounded fine on the playback at the end of the show.

Kristy Lee Cook's Journey performance wasn't nearly as fascinating as Paula draped on Simon's lap during the critique.

Ramielle's embarrassing story was something about a tiny picture going across the street, right? Her Take a Look At Me Now was pretty ordinary. But Simon giggling at Paula made up for it.

Brooke's very interesting take on Love is a Battlefield was the best of the night. I liked it even better on the playback.

Obviously, Syesha didn't hear what I said about stepping away from the Whitney.

Going home? It's hard to tell- it'll probably be one of the blondes not named Brooke, and maybe Ramielle. Or Syesha (mostly because I don't think either Carly or Amanda are going anywhere yet).

And Paula- watching you disintegrate is not entertaining. Get some help. Please.

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jody said...

really-what IS the deal with Paula???? she is becoming more and more anna-nicholeesque each week!!! it is painful to watch. I really liked Brooke's performance as well-and I thought it WAS something different, unlike what Paula and Randy said. But I didn't really like Kady's (I had no idea what it was, either!)-I thought she sounded really flat. They seemed to choose some odd songs, didn't they? I thought of a million today that would have been way better. That is my 2 cents! :)