Saturday, March 29, 2008

Your Freebies

colliegrl (from Ravelry) made this wonderful pair of Stranded Fingerless Mittens from my Freebie Friday pattern. She adapted the cuff to vertical stranded stripes, and I think they're totally beautiful!

The pattern is posted here:

Send me your pics of items made from any of the Freebie Friday patterns, and I'll post them.


Ewe-niss said...

Those are very nice! I love the stripes on the cuff.

Peggy said...

hmmmm...I tried to find colliegirl on Ravelry (to see what yarn she used etc) and there was no such user name :-(

Kathleen Taylor said...

oops, I spelled it wrong- she's


I fixed it in the post. Sorry.

Peggy said...

super! thanks!