Wednesday, March 5, 2008

SKP2008- Jacobean progress

I finished my allotted book knitting and writing early yesterday, so I worked on my SKP2008 Jacobean sock. I am not going to win any prizes for finishing, but I am leaving my comfort zone.
This is a toe-up sock, which I never knit. I didn't try the Magic Cast On (we can do some adapting on this pattern- later in the competition, we have to knit it exactly as written), I just cast on 12 sts and did the increases, and then stitched the toe closed. It looks fine, but next time, I'll give the MCO a try.

I am also not knitting this sock on 2 circs (as suggested in the pattern). I am a confirmed dpn-er, and since I am already out of the running for a prize, and only working on it in dribs and drabs, I saw no reason to slow myself down even further by using an unfamiliar knitting method, but I'm sure I'll have to try it out sometime during this competition.

I am, however, doing the short-row wrap heel described in the pattern. My preferred short-row pattern is a no-wrap style, so this has been an adventure (the instructions are well-written, I just learn new things rather slowly).

I'm working on the heel now, and the cuff should be pretty easy once I get past it. It's a gorgeous pattern, and I love this yarn (gauge: 10 sts=1", 11rnds=1", 2.25mm needles).

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Anonymous said...

Could you give an example or direct me to instructions for what you mean by a "no wrap" style of short row? I'm still searching for a SR style that looks good to me. Thanks.