Tuesday, March 25, 2008

AI- Top 10 Performance

So, tonight's theme is The Year Of Their Birth- these children who are all younger (some of them much younger) than my own kids, will remind me, for 90 straight minutes, just how old I am.

Ramielle had the goofiest hair of any baby, anywhere. Born in 1987, she attempts Heart's Alone, which was a major mistake, since Carrie Underwood pretty much put that song to AI Rest. But she gave it a good try in her high waisted shorts.

They're doing it again, even though last year's songwriting contest gave us This is My Now, eh?

Jason, also born in 1987, sings some Sting song with which I am not familiar. But he and his gorgeous eyes do a good job with it. Unlike Randy and Simon, I don't think he's coasting- I think that is what he is. And it's enough for me.

Syesha, yet another '87er, ignores my advice and tries Whitney once again. She sounded okay, but 7 Seasons of American Idol have proven that The Big W is the kiss of death. (edited to add on Wed. morning- not Whitney, but the opinion still stands)

I loved Chikezie's song, and I love Chikezie's voice, and the fact that he wasn't born in '87.

Brooke White, ca 1983, clearly does not understand the stalker vibe of Every Breath You Take. Two stumbles in a row could hurt her badly.

I am confused as to why the nearly elderly (born in 1978) Michael Johns was allowed to sing a medley. I don't remember that ever happening on a performance night. I don't know what the judges heard, but that was pitchy, dawg.

Carly (1983) must be using industrial strength straightener in her hair these days. I thought she sounded fine on most of Total Eclipse of the Heart, but that last note was beyond bad. Why the heck was she talking about bathrooms with Ryan?

David Archuletta was born the year my oldest son graduated from high school, which makes me officially old. I didn't recognize the song, but I liked his performance.

Oh, Kristy Lee Cook, do not trot out the Greenwood (exact quote from my notes: no no no no) .

You know, I still don't like David Cook ('82), and I don't want him to win. In fact, I won't shed even a pretend tear if he goes home tomorrow night. But his version of Billie Jean was not just good, it was the best performance of the night.

So who is going home tomorrow? Ya got me. It could be any of them, but if I was hard pressed to choose, I'd say Ramielle.


lisamaesc said...

I had no clue you wrote "Knit One Felt Too"! I love that book. BTW, David Cook did ROCK! YOu may already know this, but Michael Johns sang a Queen song. The name of the song is "We Are The Champions" and it has two parts.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Thanks, lisamaesc.
But is the 2nd part of We Are The Champions, the *We Will Rock You* song? I always thought they were 2 separate songs (not that being wrong about music is much of a stretch for me- my musical knowledge has very short borders).

Barb said...

I agree that michael johns got even pitchier as the song dragged on. I love your comments about AI and now that i have found your blog will look forward to next weeks show.