Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adventures in Smarty Pants Phones, and other stuff

My phone service provider merged with AT&T a long time ago, but it wasn't until this morning that our service actually switched over, and I was able to use my new iPhone. There's going to be a learning curve with this thing, I can tell. Not the least because the keypad is QWERTY, which should be easier for me (given that I, you know, try to make a living using a keyboard), but I've been texting with an ABC setup for about 4 years, and the transition is going to be bumpy. And I'm scared silly of the auto-correct function. I read Damn You Auto Correct, and I know what horrors can ensue (!!WARNING WILL ROBINSON!!- this site is absolutely and totally NSFW, and it is even less safe for the young ones- bad words are everywhere- so click at your own risk. Also, put your drink down first).

I am also afraid of what this is going to cost me- I signed up for the plan with an extra 200MB of data downloading, but I have a sinking feeling that I'll run through that in the first week. I'd better hie myself to the store and upgrade my contract. Sigh. The first app I downloaded was Facebook. The second, was Kindle. The third was RunKeeper, which unfortunately confirmed what I knew already: I am slow and terribly out of shape. It also told me something that I didn't know: my route isn't as long as I thought it was. What I assumed was a 2 mile run is actually only 1.85miles, which means that my usual 3 mile run (which I am building back up to), is probably only 2.5. Sigh. Working on the assumption that public humiliation will speed me up and keep me honest (not that I've ever fudged on the running- not on purpose anyway), I'll let it autopost my stats to Facebook every day. That'll show me...

Next up: getting some iTunes. I made a deal with the devil last year to download Crystal Bowersox's American Idol recordings, so I already have an account. I hadn't gotten any of Casey's songs this year, but I'll do it now, since an iPhone is also an iPod (and a computer, and, for all I know, a 3-speed blender).

And I suppose I'll succumb to Angry Birds.

But all that was this morning. Before that, I did some jewelry making.

This set is for Sister #3.

And I did some knitting. I finished the Bobble Leftover hat.

These yarns are Twisted Fiber Arts Playful- Netherfield, and whatever solid green came with Firefly.

I had about exactly enough yarn to complete this hat (with about 15 yds of Netherfield left-the green ran out before I could finish the final band properly). I have had a hard time getting clear close-up shots lately, and this one is so nice, I just had to include it. BTW- the Knitting Back Backwards Bobble is one of the techniques I teach in my Little Tips and Knitting Tricks class.

One of my knitting friends is going through a rough health patch, so these socks are for her. This yarn is Twisted Fiber Arts as well- Kabam (bamboo/wool/nylon), in the Valkyrie colorway. The flash really picked up the sheen. It's wonderful yarn, and I'm truly knitting love into every stitch.

I do intend to work today, but maybe first, I'll figure out how to take movies with the new phone...


Cyncalla said...

The hat is gorgeous ~ I'm intrigued with the design that the decreases make at the top. Coincidentally, I'm casting on today to make my first hat EVER! It's a hat for a baby and I'm baffled that it's not knit in the round. We'll see how it goes...

I wish I could take one of your knitting classes!

joannamauselina said...

Congrats on the new phone! Everyone I know but me has one. Oh - my 85 year old aunt just got her first cell phone, and it is regular like mine.

The hat is great. Great colors, cute bobbles. What more could one want.