Monday, April 11, 2011

Catching up

When you spend as much time online as I do, a few days of involuntary absence leaves a lot of catching up to do. I'm still not up to speed on the blogs I regularly read, or on messages that I need to answer, but I can at least post a few pics here.
In between doing the Headless Chicken Routine, and other errands while I was offline, I had time to spin some more cotton. The top hank came from a natural Tri-Color roving (purchased from Meilke's Farm, and not terribly long ago, given that 8 ozs was $16.95). My roving spun up to 328 yds. I love how the browns and greens show up after boiling the yarn. The cream cotton came from a little baggie with no tag. It's 186 yards.
I think this shot actually shows the colors better.

Here's the cotton output so far- all of the yarns are natural and undyed except for the blue, which is recycled blue jean cotton. If anyone knows where to get more of this stuff, please let me know (not for me, I'm on the buying moratorium still, but I've had inquiries). I have a couple of balls of plain green, and pounds and pounds of plain brown roving on hand, and I haven't tired of spinning it yet, so there will be more added to the railing (including the 2 hanks that are drying in the bathroom now).
I also had time to knit during my many modem/router based day trips. This hat was knit from lots of little balls of leftover handspun. If I didn't know it already, it would be ample proof that I am drawn to watermelon colorways. I used up yarn spun from four different rovings in this hat, which is my usual fingering pattern (140 sts), with the added texture of random rounds of *K 2 tog, YO* thrown in just for fun. It's joining the others in the BT'oKT.

I'm throwing this shot in just for fun, and because I love these colors.

And last, but certainly not least- my herb and tomato pots are showing signs of life. We set the tray in my south office window, and though we haven't had a lot of sunshine lately, we've had enough. The first and second pots on the left have heirloom tomatoes (so does the third, but nothing is showing there yet). The first pot on the right has chives. The middle has parsley (which has not sprouted, and may have mildewed. If nothing happens in the next few days, I'll replant). The last pot on the right (sounds like a gardening horror flick, doesn't it?) has basil. Spring may actually be on the way!

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