Sunday, April 17, 2011

More of the same

More spinning, more knitting, more sneezing, more snow, more agonizing over changing the MG Fantasy into a 1st Person POV (which was my suggestion, and the absolute right way to go, but still tricky). Same old, same old.

I've had a hard time getting the true colors of the natural cotton yarns to show up in a photo, but I think this one captures it well. L-R: Cream Cotton 71yds, 2-Color Brown and Cream 129 yds, Buffalo Brown 127yds. Total: 110gr. I have given up on the cream cotton (which might be Pima)- it's extremely soft, and I love the color it boils out to, but it's hard to spin. The fiber comes out in clumps no matter which end I spin from, and it's a pain. I have about a pound of this stuff, and I think I'll put it up on eBay so some better spinner can do it justice. I'm sure not doing it.

It occurs to me that all of my photos make the yarn look like it's worsted weight. I thought I'd take a comparison pic- it's not all fingering weight, but most of it is thinner than sport (except for those fat spots, which I think adds *character*... yeah, character... that's it...).

I'm almost done with the latest leftover hat. I decided to carry the texture and striping up through the decreases, which throws off the decrease rows once in awhile. I'm not going to wrestle with evenly spaced decreases on the same row as the *K2tog,YO*. So there will be a couple of extra rows in the crown, but still, I think it'll look fine.

I think I'll take a break from leftover hats for awhile (or at least reserve them for travel knitting), because I have a wedding shawl to design and knit. I have plenty of time before the wedding, but I am known for skating deadlines, and it would be nice to have this one done early (given that Procrastination is my middle name, it's A Good Thing that I'm starting now).

P.S. The cold is better. I think I'm on the other side of this one- I give Zicam all of the credit (and bronchitis all of the blame- it's really true that once your immune system is compromised, you're vulnerable to very bug in the vicinity).


Mary Keenan said...

The thing about switching POV is that it always opens up so much story, you might as well be completely rewriting it, which is daunting. But on the upside, it opens up soooo much story ;^) Love that hat btw. is that the one you said you might keep? because I think you should!!

Kathleen Taylor said...

You're so right, Maire. Opening up the story is part of the reason for the change, but it's definitely like writing a whole new work using a very detailed outline.

And yep, I think I'll keep that hat.