Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why it's not a good idea to rely on translation engines, Part 1

The Hub brought me a Scooter Manual and Instruction Handbook from the garage where he hangs out with his friends. It's a prime example of why Bablefish and other translation engines are not to be trusted.

 The cover- looks fine, doesn't it? There's no warning for what you will find, inside.

 Please you read the book with carefully.

 Make sure you understand the Speedometer Assy

Prohibit making the moon impatient

 Notice the driving on the condition of the crash and broken road. (Isn't that a CW song?)

If any changing, it will happen accident.


Janet Spaeth said...

O. M. G.
I am laughing like a crazy woman here!!!

"...if any changing, we will not notice you." Okay, good to have that cleared up.

And "Speedometer Assy" just about sent me over the edge!

Cyncalla said...

This cracks me up. English has become so universal... how hard is it to get a proofer anywhere on our planet?

Kathleen Taylor said...

Janet- it's a hoot, isn't it?
Cyncalla- I'm sure their English is better than my Chinese, but they should know better than to rely on a translation engine.