Wednesday, April 6, 2011

After the flood

The last time I ran outside here was October 18. I know the date because that was the day before I flew to North Carolina for SAFF. By the time I came home, I wasn't able to run anywhere. In fact, bronchitis/pneumonia kept me from moving more than three feet without coughing, for over a month. Since my recovery, I've done workouts on the treadmill six days a week, but still, I am in really terrible shape.

I've been waiting, first for the air to warm up, and second for the flood waters to recede, so I could run on my beloved park trail. I know that I won't be fit until I can run outside on a regular basis (make no mistake, treadmill workouts are real, but there is a difference between keeping up with the floor, and hauling your body yourself). Finally, yesterday, I was able to hit the trail.
It might be spring elsewhere, but here, the world is still brown. This is Turtle Creek (which runs behind our house). The waters have gone down, but the creek is still a long way out of its banks.

The debris shows the high water mark on this section of the path.

There's a hint of green in the grass- spring is coming.

Aaaawwwwww. Tiny baby pine cones.

Can you see the debris in the bushes on the left?

I'll bet you can guess the high water level.
The sumacs have survived floods in other years, but there is a lot of silt this time around. I hope they make it.

It looks like someone carefully wove cattail leaves in the branches.

It's a good thing that the benches are bolted down.

But whether spring has actually sprung or not, construction season has begun. The city is getting a new pool house. My boys spent half of their childhood at the pool (first as swimmers, then on the swim team, then as lifeguards), and I was a little sad to see the old pool house come down. But the new one will be lovely. It's supposed to be up and running by the time the pool opens for the season on Memorial Day. Since they just broke ground yesterday, I have my doubts. Luckily, I'll be able to see the day-by-day progress. Weather permitting.


Hanswife said...

I wandered over here after seeing something on ravelry- you make me homesick. I was born in Redfield but haven't been there in over 12 years funny how some of those land marks still pull at your heartstrings. thanks for the break from this life to that one. I would have graduated with the class of 1980 but we moved to Aberdeen when I was a freshman. thanks again Julie Ann

Kathleen Taylor said...

Julie Ann, some things are exactly the same, and others have changed completely. They're building a new pool house, which will make that part look very different.
I'm glad you found the blog- I post pictures from around town periodically. Welcome!