Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday, Friday

You know, that Friday song isn't nearly as bad as Jar of Hearts, which gets lots of radio play. I thought Jar was a prank song the first time I heard it, with all of those horrible rhymes. But that chick is deadly serious. At least Rebecca Black has Stephen Colbert and Taylor Hicks on her side.

Anyway, it's Friday. In desperation, I started taking Zicam, which is nasty stuff (especially for that 15 minutes when you can't eat or drink anything afterwards), but I have to admit that I feel much better. Maybe there's something to it after all. And yes, I read about the loss of smell lawsuits, but that seems only to apply to the spray and swabs, not to the tablets.

My evenings have been Idol, or sneezing and whining, but I have done a little knitting in between. This is another leftover hat, knit with handspun yarns. I love how these colors are coming out. I may keep t his one for myself.
This bobbin of cotton singles has been on the wheel for several days, waiting to be plied. I'm getting better at the long-draw in general, and cotton spinning in particular, but you can see that I still overspin in spots (those are those little corkscrew areas). Luckily, most of that comes out in the plying.

Sometimes I just like to look at the handspun yarns hanging over the railing. I still have no idea what I'll make from these skeins, but it'll at least have pretty colors. Again, all of the colors are natural, organic, undyed cotton, except for the blue, which is made from recycled blue jeans.

My herbs and tomatoes have all sprouted. On the left, are three different heirloom tomatoes (I hope they're different- the packet had several varieties, which I tried to separate before planting). On the right are chives, parsley (which just sprouted yesterday, finally), and lots of basil. When they grow a bit, I'll thin them out, but for now, I'm enjoying watching them grow. Which will be in the house for awhile because...

this is what my world looks like today. Sigh.


JackieLemon said...

I was complaining about the miserable cold rainy weather we are having, then I saw your post. It's never going to be spring! Sigh.

Cyncalla said...

I have wee little seeds sprouting right now, too. Swiss chard and cucumbers that will someday brave the outdoors of Canada. Tomatoes! I should have bought some tomato seeds.

That's going to be a lovely hat.

JulieLoves2Knit said...

I'm lovin my Dakota Dreams!! I have to take a break pretty soon as I need to do a baby sweater - the theme is safari - so I'm going to incorporate your elephant chart!!!