Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blue jean baby

I mentioned a post or two back, that I tend to overbuy anything connected with any of my obsessions (hence the Yarn Buying Moratorium of 18 months and counting, with still no appreciable difference in the stash levels). Well sometimes, it's a good thing that I stock up when I have the chance.
This is 262 yds of cotton yarn, spun with roving made from recycled blue jeans (plied with my usual commercial cotton strand). I don't know where I got the roving (sliver is the really nicely prepped stuff, this was regular roving- carded and aligned but not combed or smooth), and I have no idea what I paid for it, but I do remember that it was made entirely from shredded blue jeans. The roving still had tiny bits of darker blue threads in it (and here and there, a red thread). It spun up okay, though the yarn has its thick and thin places (well, all of my cotton yarns have thick and thin spots, but this one has more of them... mostly thick).

Last night, I spun up all of the denim roving that I had, and while I'm not looking to buy more (the Moratorium extends to spinning fiber too, as well it should), I did want to post some links to the recycled roving in case any of you want to give it a try.

Guess what? I couldn't find it anywhere. Not on eBay. Not on etsy. Not via Google or Yahoo. I barely found a mention of this stuff, much less any for sale, or any info on how it was made, or how to spin it. It's a Mystery Fiber, I guess. And evidently, I got the very last of it, purchased on a whim, and forgotten for years.

Yay me!

And after I put the wheel away for the night (I can only wrestle with cotton for so many hours before my body shuts down), I finished the slip-stitched honeycomb hat. I like how it came out, but it'll be more effective worked with a solid color for the purled rows.

Quickie Pattern for the Slip Stitch Honeycomb Hat (fits most medium size adult heads, and youth)
Size 3 needles, sportweight yarn (maybe 250 yds- I used leftovers so I don't know for sure).

CO 128 sts, join.
Rnd 1: K
Rnds 2-3: P
Rnd 4-7: *K 6, SL 2*, rep around
Rnds 8-9: P
Rnds 10-13: K 2, *SL2, K 6*, rep around, end K 4

Rep the HoneyComb Pattern for approx 4 1/2", ending with 2 P Rnds.
Next Rnd: Inc 2 sts (130 sts)
K even until brim  measures 5 3/4"
Dec Rnd 1: *K 11, K 2 tog*, rep around
Dec Rnd 2: K
Dec Rnd 3: *K 10, K 2 tog*, rep around
Dec Rnd 4: K
Continue decreasing, working 1 less st before the dec, every other rnd until 10 sts rem.
Cut tail, weave end through loops, tighten and tie off. Weave ends in, wash and block.


Mary Keenan said...

I just think that's so cool to make yarn from blue jeans! When you think how many clothing and accessory items are purchased on the basis of their looking good with jeans... well, whatever gets made with this stuff is sure to ;^)

joannamauselina said...

It was a lucky day when you bought that jeans stuff. I looking forward interested to seeing what you make of it.