Friday, April 22, 2011

Wrapping and Swatching

In between American Idol, and the winding down of Michael Scott's tenure, Deadliest Catch's new captain who looks exactly like my son, (I'm not kidding. I showed this comparison of the two of them to a good friend, one who has known us all for a long time, and she chose the wrong man)

not to mention multiple Alec Baldwins, and the amazing Ron Swanson, it's sort of surprising that I'm getting anything else done in the evenings (daytimes are for work, and I've actually been working- go figure).

But I have found some time to play:

 I'm getting a little bettter at wire wrapping. This bracelet is for my youngest sister, who is very fond of the color yellow. It's a made of shaped wire, so no clasps are needed. I like this style, and I think I'll continue with it, if for no other reason than fit isn't an issue if you can bend the bracelet to fit any wrist.
 She also likes bling.
 This set is for my Sister #2. She likes coral (me too).
 I had a really hard time getting the camera to focus. I like the sort of haphazard look, though I probably wouldn't be able to execute any other- I'm not proficient enough in wrapping yet. I'm going to make a set for Sister #3 as soon as some purple beads arrive (I bought some, but it turns out that they were actually blue. Darn Wal-Mart lighting anyway).
I cast on another leftover hat for travel knitting- this one will alternate bands of the above yarns, with some bobbles thrown in just to give me a ton of ends to weave in. It's going to be pretty darn cute, I think.

And I'm working on the design for Cassy's wedding shawl. The first two edging swatches didn't come out right- the angle of the sawtooth was too sharp, and tight. I think I've fixed both of those problems and will try another swatch tonight. If it comes out, I'll take a pic. I should take a pic either way, just to show that a lot of notions that look good on paper, don't quite work in real life. But you all knew that anyway.

And it's still raining, but at least we don't have any new snow.


Cyncalla said...

The jewelery you've shared here is absolutely gorgeous.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Thank you! I think I'll do a photo tutorial on the earrings. They're really easy to assemble.