Thursday, April 21, 2011

AI Season 10, Top 7 Elimination, 04-21/11

It's the Top S-E-Backwards 7-E-N. Again with the drama. Some more. Still. Though, tonight there could be real drama. Scotty is the only one I assume is safe- everyone else is up for grabs.

Randy is wearing a black tee with what looks like the American flag on it, but it on closer inspection, I see that the stars are space invaders. Steven is wearing leather pants, a sparkly shirt and a scarf. JLo is in a short lizard skinish sparkly dress, and very tall boots.

Ryan says that 52 million votes were cast last night, as though we won't remember that week when 55 million votes were cast

Randy doesn't know what's going to happen. JLo hopes neither of the girls will go home, and Steven is going to try not to get bleeped. Good luck with that, Steve-o.

Stefano, Haley, Lauren and Jacob sing Train's Hey Soul Sister. Oh, hey, it's that song from that commercial. This quartet actually sounds okay together.

This week's Fordmercial has the kids driving across the desert, lassoing clouds, moving mountains, and bringing water to the parched land. Save our troubled planet, Idols!

Casey, Scotty, and James are singing Cold Play's Viva La Vida. Whaddya know? I know this song too. Damn, I feel positively current. The guys are also okay together, and Scotty is actually singing in his upper register.

The kids are arranged on the risers. Jacob owns the Diva comments from the night before, but assures us that they all love each other. Sure, Jacob. Scotty's hometown named a cupcake after him, and Casey's fans paint painfully bad portraits.

Ryan has Casey (slouchy cardi, necklace) and Jacob (navy suit and pin striped shirt) stand. Ryan makes us wait for what seems like a very long time, and then he sends Casey back to the risers. Whew. Jacob is in the Bottom 3. Did America forget to look in the mirror again?

David Cook has a new album coming out. In June. So of course, he's debuting his new single here. Tonight. David looks pretty good- with better hair than he used to have, and a nice bit of beard. He's wearing a black suit and playing a white guitar. The Last Good-bye is a rocky/poppy song that will probably get some radio play. I didn't love anyone in Cook's season, and I don't remember hating anyone either, so I'm benignly neutral on Cookie. After he finishes singing, he talks a bit with Ryan about the charity he supports, but all I notice is that his head is ginormous. And that his mom has a crush on Steven Tyler.

The kids had a bit of off-time this week, taking in a Dodgers' game, hugging a very confused-looking Tommy Lasorda, bowling (Haley gets strikes, Scotty and James throw gutterballs). Afterwards, they all go to a spa and get their faces and nails done.

Next up are Lauren (curly updo, acid washed jeans, pink gingham bustier, white jacket, too much exposed bosom for a 16 year old), James (black leather Jacket with a flag on the sleeve), and Stefano (white windbreaker, red print tee, and white tennies)(has he ever worn any other kind of shoes?). Ryan tortures Lauren, who may or may not throw up, and then sends her to safety. And then he does the same with James. Stefano is in the Bottom 3.

That leaves just Haley (orange top, green skirt, yellow heels- giving off an efficient secretary vibe) and Scotty (Scotty outfit). Since there's not a chance in Hell that Scotty is anything but the front runner, Ryan sends Haley to the stools. And just as quickly, he sends her back to safety. So, we're going to lose either Stefano or Jacob. I like the sound of that.

I don't much like the sound of Katy Perry's song, with the extremely long and boring Kanye West video intro. Katy's alien mummy backup dancers Cirque du Soleil all over the place while she Pro-tools her way in a Bug Princess spandex jumpsuit with pink lights. Kiss me and fill me with your poison, eh? And there's Kanye in person. Sigh. I am so damn old. Get off my music show, you darn kids!

I'm pretty sure that the show cannot pull off a Huff now, which is a relief, though I suppose they could do it during the Top 5 Elimination. That's a depressing thought. But for tonight, no one has to choose which group they belong to. In fact, JLo all but told Stefano that he's going home. And, yup, he's going home.

I'll say this for Stefano- he's taking his elimination well, with grace and big smiles. As opposed to James, who is falling apart. Wow, Stefano looks exactly like his dad. And then he (Stefano, not the Senior Langone) sings, and I remember why I'm glad he's headed home.'

Don't worry Jacob, you can go next week.


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