Friday, April 29, 2011

Heading Out Today

It's been a tough week. My friend's twenty-two year old grandson committed suicide, and the funeral was yesterday. While, unfortunately, there are worse things than watching a grieving mother comfort an inconsolable ten year old sister, that still ranks right up there. So, though I'm sad that Casey went home in 6th place (rather than 4th as I expected), and Kate's dress was really really pretty, my Perspective Meter has been pegged out. I'm packing and doing the final prep for the Help One Another Weaving Weekend, and I'm looking forward to losing myself in the rhythm of the wheel and needle, and in the companionship of fibery folks. I will teach, and I will learn, and if there's internet access at the campground where we're staying, I'll post (if not, I'll catch everyone up when I get back on Sunday).

In the meantime, be safe. Be kind. Be gentle. Hug your friends and family. They need it. You need it. I need it.