Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dutifully Ignoring Mother Nature

Yeah, it's snowing again. Still. So what? You think that's going to keep us home from Frog Girl's Spring Program, 80 miles away tonight? Ha, I say. Hah!

When I'm not eyeing the sky and grumbling, I've been knitting.

I finished the latest leftover hat. The texture holes show up more in this shot than they do in real life (the flash picks up the styrofoam). These are handspun yarns, I love how this hat came out.

And as always, I love the look of the decreases. I continued the *K2 tog, YO* up through the decreases- it looks okay, but I miss the spiderwebby effect. I probably won't do that again.

I experimented a bit with some wire wrapped earrings. The beads are all my own lampwork (leftover from my bead making obsession). I am finally running low on beads- I may have to fire up the torch again. I rather wish I could wear earrings (unfortunate metal sensitivity), but these are all going to good homes.

I've begun work designing Cassy's wedding shawl (title: Cassy's Wedding... sometimes the obvious name is the right one). After looking through my stitch dictionaries, I ended up winging a sample chart for the edging. I'm sure I'll have to knit several swatches before I get it right. I plan to knit the saw-tooth ends separately and then pick up the body stitches.

I'm excited to get started but it probably won't be today. Or tomorrow. or Thursday. Daytimes are for MG Fantasy 3.0, and the next few evenings are already scheduled. It's a good thing that the wedding isn't until July.


Cyncalla said...

You MAKE beads too??? Wowsa.

I love love love that hat, it's gorgeous.

Kathleen Taylor said...

I have made beads, but I am strictly an amateur. It's fun though, and I'm starting to think that I'd like to do some more. I'll take pics if I do.