Sunday, December 2, 2007

Annemor #15

Got one glove finished! I love this pattern, even though my finger joins still aren't smooth enough. I knew that the gauge for this yarn was smaller than called for in the pattern, so I figured this glove would be snug on me. I can get it on, but it's not comfortable for wearing (especially since tight gloves don't keep the cold out well), so this pair will go in a box for next Christmas (I have a couple of teen girls on the list, so one of them will likely get them).

Oh, and I figured out what went wrong in the Spidey mitten, and why it came out so much smaller than the other mitten, with the same number of stitches. I forgot to take the cuff into consideration. So I think if I tear out the folded hem and pick up the sts and knit a ribbed cuff, the mitten will be fine.

And how many years have I been knitting, that I make a dumb mistake like that? (and keep on knitting even when it's obvious that *something* is wrong?) Around 47 years.


Pat said...

They are gorgeous, Kathleen - the colors - mmmmm!
What a lucky teen girl!

Anonymous said...

b e a u t i f u l!!!!