Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa Amazon

For Christmas this year, I am expanding my library of knitting books. Here are the latest additions.

My *free* knitting time is about to be sharply curtailed (explanation to follow in a couple of weeks), but there are many (many many) patterns I want to try from both of these books, and the Latvian Mitten book from a couple of days ago. And there are still 24 Selbuvotter mittens I haven't tackled.

How many mittens does one person actually need? I expect to find out.


RuthieJ said...

I have the Folk Socks book, but not Folk Mittens (yet....)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through another blog and I am so excited! I am a relatively new knitter. I live outside Rapid and I am having such a hard time finding anybody around here who knits, let alone who enjoys Scandinavian style knitting. I am going to make your blog a regular read. Do you ever make it out my way at all? Any tips on good places to go to make knitting friends or knitting advice?


I love the mittens! Looks like something I need to try!

Kathleen Taylor said...

ellemenope- if you're on Ravelry, there's a whole group of South Dakota knitters, many of whom are West River. Check them out if you can- they get together fairly frequently.

My knitting group meets in Aberdeen the 2nd Friday of each month- it'll be our Christmas party this week!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kathleen! I sent out my request to join Ravelry, but no invite yet :-( I am hoping soon though! I am drooling at the thought of other knitters close by! I so want someone to ask advice of. I am learning myself with books/web etc. and sometimes I get really stuck.

Anonymous said...

I am jealous! I want Folk Mittens and haven't bought it yet either! I do have Folk Socks though. Selvebettor (I can't spell) actually show how to make the mittens?

Kathleen Taylor said...

ellemenope- I sent my Ravelry request in August and didn't get in until October. But I think they're sending out invites much more quickly these days. It's a pretty amazing community.

I don't know how much I can help at a distance, but if you have questions, you can run them past me and I'll see what I can do.

christy- the Selbuvotter book has some history and background information, but mostly it's just patterns and graphs. The book has instructions to knit about 30 different gloves and mittens. It has become my favorite mitten book.