Friday, December 28, 2007

Your Freebie Projects

No new Freebie Friday pattern this week. However, I can show you a couple of FO's that readers have sent me.
An old school (Elementary, Jr. High, High School) friend of mine, Kristy K, sent a picture of the Child Size Hoodie that she made for her granddaughter. She modified the pattern by using Lion Brand Homespun and size 10 needles, and it came out beautifully. She also found an error in the pattern, so I am going to ammend the pattern for everyone.
Child Size Hoodie Pattern- newly ammended to fix the pattern error:
And Gail adjusted the Beaded Felted Mary Jane Slipper pattern to fit her 3 year old daughter. The slippers are adorable.
Here's the Beaded Felted Mary Jane Slipper pattern, in case you missed it the first time:

Thanks for sending the pics, Kristy and Gail.
If you have made items from the Freebie Friday patterns, send pics to me and I'll post them.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,

I am happy you and your husband are dealing with the diabetic condition. But I am sorry that he was diagosed with the condition. I have missed you and to be honest; I look to you as my mentor. I only started knitting again after 2 strokes caused by the ex in 1990 and then being diagnosed with MS.
Something inside me came alive because of you and I dared to start knitting again. I saw your beautiful knits and slowly the memory of knitting became real again. I have been fiddling around with my yarn and needles and checking your blog at least twice a week to look at the same pictures to stay inspired. This new year 2008, I am taking back my knitting, and when I have the money getting my two smashed spinning wheels fixed. The essence of the fibres and yarns is so comforting and I have missed it more than I realized. So, I need you and your husband to stay healthy, because Kathy have given me a gift. KNIT!
If you ever feel like you are alone or want to rant, rant to me. And you are not alone you have many close friends already. And one more in Maine.
Keep the needles clicking,
Cheryl Virginia