Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thursday Tab- Saalfield Style Show, #2623

Weather permitting, I'll be gone tomorrow. While the weather may not permit, I'm uploading this week's paper doll on Wednesday, just in case.
This is Saalfield's Style Show #2623. I don't know anything about it except that I like it a lot. The date "1954" was written on the cover, and judging by the outfits, I'd say that's about right.
Click on images to enlarge, right click to save as a jpg, print from any graphics program, clothes on plain paper, covers on card stock.


barbarab said...

This was taken from Saalfield #2701, Teen Shop,1948. When I noticed the extra yellow sweater, last page, with nothing to match I looked it up. Teen Shop probably had six pages.
Thanks for another great paper doll set.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Thank you for the info, Barb. Saalfield did so much recycling, it's always hard to tell which are the originals and which are the reissues (though I can usually count on my collection being reissues... ho ho).

Rebecca said...

Teen Shop is the set with 4 dolls and 6 pages of clothes. Style Show and Teen Parade are the reprints with 3 dolls and 4 pages of clothes.