Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Christmas Tally

Well, Christmas has come and gone, the tree is down (I put it up early, and take it back down as soon after Christmas as I can), and the gifts are open and with their new owners. Here's what I knit during 2007 for Christmas (and it did take me all year). I wish I had remembered to take pics of some of the people in their knitwear finery (though most of the items showed up here, either as FO's or WIPs, or Freebie Friday patterns, so you've seen them already):

2 adult sweaters (both fit perfectly- I can finally show the picture of my son's sweater, the Garter Stitch Aran sweater from Men in Knits. The picture doesn't come close to how nice the sweater is. I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Heather)

2 child size sweaters and 1 child size poncho

7 hats

15 pairs of socks (3 child, the rest adult)

19 pairs of mittens (some fingerless, some full mittens) and 1 pair of Selbuvotter gloves that fit my daughter in law perfectly (I was afraid that they would be too tight).
And 4 pairs of mittens (2 pairs Selbuvotter), 1 pair of gloves, 1 hat, and several pairs of socks left-over, which will go in the pile for next year.

And now it's time to start all over (though I do wish I wouldn't leave the sweaters until October).


Anonymous said...

Am I allowed to give you a small advice? Skip one year... and just knit for yourself. Only one year????

Anonymous said...

Quite an impressive tally of knitting you accomplished. I have started three socks and ripped out three socks, although I did finsh about 4 pairs this year. I have little children so not as much knitting time.

Kathleen Taylor said...

That would be lovely, yvonnep, though I do knit for myself. I keep all the best socks, and I designed and knit a Fair Isle sweater and matching gloves for myself this year. I am lucky in that my family really loves the handknit things (and would rather have them than storebought).

christyh- When my kids were small, I didn't get anything done (my boys were 7 and 9 before I even started writing). These days, I mostly have a quiet house, and this year I didn't work on any large projects (like a book)so I had lots of uninterrupted knitting.

Next year will be a little busier...

RuthieJ said...

Wow, Kathleen, that's a lot of gifts knitted! Good for you. And I'm glad to hear your recipients very much appreciated their gifts.