Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back to the Drawing Board

Pretty, isn't it?

This was going to be my class sample for the new All-Day Fair Isle Christmas Stocking Workshop that I'm putting together. The design is gorgeous- and there are only 60 sts, only two yarn colors, worsted weight yarn, and it uses Size 8 needles. It's an easy toe-up pattern, with an afterthought heel (no short rows) (the purple yarn marks the future heel location).

Problem is, it took me 3 hours to knit this much, and if it took me that long, then it's going to take a class of new stranders a lot longer. While I don't expect anyone to finish their stocking in the 6 hour class (I'll make that clear in the class description), it's imperative that we all get far enough so that we can stop, pick the waste yarn out, and knit the heel.

I fear that cannot happen with this design as it stands. So lovely it may be, but it's back to the drawing board with a scaled down version. Smaller chart, fewer stitches, smaller finished stocking, happier students. It's all good (though it all takes time, which is the one ingredient that is in short supply these days).


joannamauselina said...

You could have a really short foot, and put the heel in very early on. I have seen Christmas stockings that might be anatomically correct for a horse but not a human. They seemed acceptable.

Karen said...

Hmm...what about a baby/small child version?

Kathleen Taylor said...

Joanna- that made me laugh out loud.
Karen- I think I can get by with a slightly larger stocking than baby size, but smaller is the way to go. Since we're emphasizing both stranding, and the afterthought heel, we need time to work on both in the same class.

Chery said...

You could design the foot to be striped and the leg to be stranded. Also, I like the idea of a shorter foot and longer leg/cuff.

Mary Keenan said...

That is a heartbreakingly cute design, but I know you'll find a use for it somewhere!

Cathy Ardrey said...

I love the design, too. Don't forget it, and use it somewhere else.