Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Workshop Prep

Daytimes, I'm working on revisions (tick tick tick). Evenings, I'm knitting up samples for the new workshops that I'm adding to my roster. At least until tomorrow, when American Idol starts again, after which 2/7 of my evenings will be shot for the next five months. (I sound excited, don't I?)
 These are the samples for the new Mitered Square workshop. In the class, we'll work on a mitered square cuff (members can decide whether they want to make a mitten- fingerless or otherwise, or a sock) with self striping/patterning worsted weight yarns and size 5 needles. They can also opt to bring bits of leftover worsted weight yarns for a really colorful cuff. I think this will be a half-day class, with the emphasis on the mitering, and the rest of the project can be finished at home. It looks to be great fun. The handout will include basic mitered square instructions, as well as the patterns for all three of the above projects. It's one I've been thinking about for a long time, and I'm glad to add that to the list.

 My other new class will be an All-Day Fair Isle Toe-Up Christmas Stocking! The class will be set up very much like my current All-Day Fair Isle Toddler Hat Workshop (which I have taught many times, in lots of venues), which stresses basics like yarn wrangling, yarn dominance, chart reading, and fun. In addition, this class will also feature an Afterthought Heel (a handy technique that uses no short rows at all). I'm going to start knitting the photography sample tonight. Just wait until you see the design!

And I finished another leftover hat. I need to complete my class samples (and get umpteen workshop proposals written up- deadlines are looming) before I cast on another.

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