Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Monday

I'm deep into my revisions, and the clock is ticking, so I only have a moment to post this morning.

My friend Mary knitted the Genevieve's Graduation sweater for Fearless Fair Isle Knitting. It was her first large stranded project, and her first ever steek! She did such a fantastic job, and now that the book is close to hitting the strands, she can actually talk about the process. Check out her blog for some very cool pics!

But even hard-working, clock-watching, serious-about-doing-this-on-time-and-doing-a-good-job types need an occasional diversion. I recommend 1890 Yourself. It's a hoot.
Check out that wasp waist. Looks just like me. (I orginally typed, and posted. *1980 Yourself*, which might be even more amusing.)

And yeah, AI is starting on Wednesday. I gotta say, I've never been less enthusiastic about the beginning of an Idol Season. It's not that Simon left (I wasn't a big fan of his anyway), it just feels worn out. I'll watch, and I'll recap (though I have some traveling scheduled in the next few months, and will miss a few episodes), but the show is on Double Secret Probation (especially since it moved to Thursdays, so that I now have to watch my Favorite Shows on Friday). We'll see how it goes.

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