Friday, January 7, 2011

Knit it again, Sam

Though I certainly have my comfort zones when it comes to knitting projects, and I've been known to make many vanilla socks, I still don't usually knit the same thing over and over and over again. Knitting is my comfort food, for sure, but I also like a challenge.

On the other hand, my work days have provided plenty enough challenge lately, what with the revising and the adding and the subtracting and the shuffling and the new stuff fitting in seamlessly with the old stuff and the worry over whether everything I'm doing is ruining what worked in the original version and the ticking clock on the self-imposed deadline for finishing this stage of the book (end of January). Come evening, I'm more than happy to curl up with mindless projects. A little of the same old same old.
 Therefore: another leftover yarn hat. This one is made from Twisted Fiber Arts Playful bits and pieces. I love their yarns so very much.
 And I still love the spiderwebby way the decreases look on the crown.
  And lest you think that I only have fingering weight leftover yarns (I'm still in stashbusting mode), here's one from worsted weight. These are all hand-dyed mohair/wool singles, left over from socks (I suppose). This version uses a size 7 needle, 100 sts, 5 1/4" brim, and then the crown decreases start with *K 8, K 2 tog*. Easy peasy.

I started with the most colorful yarns, used them up, and then finished with some lovely greens. I have another heavier-yarn hat cast on now, and given that they knit up much more quickly than the fingering weight versions, I could finish it tonight.

In the meantime, if you're a Facebook Aficionado, drop by here and take a peek at my official Author Page. It felt a little weird creating one for myself, but that's the only way you can get one, and shockingly enough, there are other Kathleen Taylors out there who are writers, and they have pages already. I figured if someone was looking specifically for me, I'd best have a place where they could safely land. Right now, it's bare bones, but I'll begin posting my book news, and travel/appearance schedules there as I get organized.

Tomorrow, if the weather permits, I'm going to go to Groton for Roc Day. A day surrounded by wool, wheels, and like-minded folk sounds perfect to me. I'll take my camera. If the weather permits. Please Weather, permit.

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