Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Tab- Golden, Paper Doll Playbook, Best Friends,1837-44, 1983, Part 1

Paper Doll Friend Lorie is sharing another of her wonderful sets with us. This large Golden play book will be split up over three weeks because it's huge, and amazing. There are dolls, and clothes, and rooms, and furniture! I wonder if the artist didn't work on The Ginghams- there is a similarity in the furniture illustrations, and in the dolls' expressions.

Anyway, here's Part 1, Dolls and Clothes. Next week, we'll have the rooms, and the week after, the furniture. Thanks again Lorie!

 I think Denise looks a bit like Tea Leoni


Anonymous said...

Kathleen I just went to
Amazon and ordered your is listed as IN STOCK and will ship right out. Mary in Cincinnati

Jan said...

Thanks Kathleen and Lori. These are adorable. Looking forward to seeing the rest :-D

Ana Paula Barros said...

Hi, dear! I am from Brazil.

I would like to ask you if was possible re upload the bedroom images from this book. It is really beautiful!