Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More for TBTO'KT

My days are now occupied with work on the MG rewrite, which I plan to finish this month. This rewrite involves more work than most of my revamps because I'm adding material to the book, not slashing and cutting. But it's coming along, and I'm sure the book will be better for the additional material (I think) (I hope). But in the evenings, I still knit. It preserves my sanity, and my Big Tub O' Knitted Things is slowly starting to refill.
 These are the first TBTO'TK socks not to have a specific recipient in mind. They'll just go in the tub, for whenever I need a pair of size 7-8 socks as a gift (you'd be surprised how often that happens). Unlike the other leftover socks, these were made from just two yarns- the black and white was an Opal yarn called Dalmation (for  obvious reasons). The other yarn was a USA colorway from some German company (the ball band is long gone). It consisted of mostly red and white (the pinkest white I've ever seen) stripes with occasional bands of blue and white *stars*.
 There wasn't enough of either yarn to knit a pair of adult socks, but together, they combined swimmingly.
...even if the white stripes are pink...
 I had another largish ball of leftover Opal yarn, which was supposed to be self-striping, but I sure couldn't find a repeat in it (to divide it out for socks). So I used it for a hat instead.
 I love the little curlicue at the top.
And just in case you were wondering- Spring won't be here for a loooong time...

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