Friday, January 14, 2011

BTO'KT and Astrological Confusion

 I finished the latest pair of leftover socks. Cool, no? These are all yarns that I bought at the  '09 Sock Summit (the peachy/brown ones are Koigu mill ends, words that still cause a flutter in my heart).
The Big Tub O' Knitted Things is starting to fill up again. Three pairs of the socks are slated for specific people (though they will still reside in the BYO'TK until it's Gifting Time- and so far, that time is Christmas '11), but the hats are all free floaters, available whenever I need a gift.

I have another hat cast on, but it is currently demoted to Road Trip Status because I'm putting together a couple of new workshops, and it's Workshop Proposal Season. I need knitted samples of the new projects for photography, so they're the priority for my evening knitting now.

My daytime priority is still the revision of my MG Fantasy. I finished another 5-chapter block yesterday, and I intend to complete the revision by the end of the month (not just because I promised my agent that I would do so, but because my travel season is starting- Fearless Fair Isle Knitting will be out in Feb, and I have plane trips planned for both February and March, so things are going to get busy very soon).

In the meantime, I don't care what they say, I will always be a Libra.

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Karen said...

Oh, that fuss is very old-hat: astronomers have been saying for years that changes in our position relative to the galaxy mean the astrological signs don't work any longer. What they don't realize is that astrology is tropical, not sidereal: Libra starts when the sun hits the equator at the fall equinox, not when Libra is on the horizon. Silly gits. So yes, you'll always be a Libra, Kathi! :D