Monday, August 31, 2009

Book and Yarn Exchanges

9-02: 2 spots in each exchange are still open

I have 2 non-chain letters that I'd like to participate in, but I don't want to inflict them on anyone who is not interested. I have had both of these non-chains on hand for much longer than I should. It's time to get them moving.

If you are interested in joining either of these exchanges, e-mail me personally ( ) and I'll get your address. Don't send me your address yet- just in case both fill up quickly. I'm sorry to have to narrow this, but US or Canada only- I can't guarantee that participants down the line will want to deal with overseas shipping.

#1: Paper Back Books- send 1 used paperback to the person whose name and address is on the back of your cover letter (in an envelope, no need for a box or expensive postage). Make 6 copies of the letter, and place an address label of the person who sent the letter to you on the back of each. Make sets of 6 address labels with your name and address on them, and send one set with each of the 6 copies of the letter to 6 interested people.

#2: Sock Yarn Exchange- send 100gr (it says 1 ball, but I assume they want enough to knit a pair of socks, so 2-50gr balls or 1-100) to the person listed at #1 on your cover letter. Make 7 copies of the blank letter (enclosed). Write name #2 from the cover letter in the #1 spot on one copy. Write your name and address in the #2 spot on that same page. Make 5 more copies of that page, and send that and a blank copy along to 6 people.

I never do these things, but these sound like fun. If one or both of these exchanges fill up, I'll ammend this post.

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