Saturday, August 8, 2009

SS09 Day 3-Up for Liquid

Ho hum... another day in sock knitting paradise... knitters... shopping... famous people... new friends... old friends... classes... learning... spending... walking... spinning... knitting... laughing...

I know you'll all be disappointed in me, but I opted out of the Ravelry party tonight- I am just too tired to go anywhere, no matter how wonderful it will be (and I am certain that it will be very very wonderful). Besides which, I needed to do some laundry.

My classes today were so cool. Stephen Houghton taught assorted hems for socks. Now, I've done lots of hems on socks (and other projects), but- and here is an embarrassed confession- I've never learned how to do a chained provisional cast-on. I now know how to do that. Also a tubular cast on, and some other lovely hem treatments. Merike Saarnit took one hour to teach me (and a bunch of others) how to properly darn socks, and by cracky, it's an amazing, and super simple, process. I can now fix the dozen or so holey socks I have in a pile on top of the wardrobe in my bedroom.

I also toured the Museum of Socks, which will be a traveling exhibit of replicas of historical and famous/significant socks. It was fascinating. I hope to go back tomorrow and study the examples a bit more.

And, of course, I bought a little yarn. These are Koigu mill ends. That's right- mill ends. Chosen from a basket of hundreds of colors (all very cheap). These bits and pieces will eventually become a pair of Mitered Square socks for Jane, who has good naturedly ferried me back and forth from the Convention Center (a 20 minute commute one way- back and forth twice every day) for the Summit, not to mention feeding and housing me for the duration. She deserves more than a pair of socks for that heroic effort.

After a few days in Oregon, I am sort of getting the hang of the garbage system here. I applaud the state's dedication to recycling, but those of us who live in a non-recycle zone are a tad bit confused when we have to figure out if the detritus from lunch or Starbucks is compostable, recyclable, or just plain landfill fodder. Easier to figure out, but more amusingly unsettling are the multi-option toilets. Pull the handle up for *liquid*, and down for... well... other.... Since I am the oldest twelve year old in the universe, I giggle every time I flush.

So, tomorrow is the end of the Summit. I have one lecture in the morning (Ana Zilborg on Turkish Stitches), and then the Luminary Panel and ending ceremonies, where we have been promised cake. And though I really am done shopping, I harbor a faint hope that some of the vendors will discount steeply rather than pack up the leftovers to take home...

I'm ready for my own bed and I miss The Hubby (we've never been apart more than 3 days in 38 years), but damn... this is fun.

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Anonymous said...

I'm right there with ya sister. The night of the ravelry meet up I was fence sitting about going, hating to miss it, when I fell asleep!! Well, I guess that I WAS beat! I woke up around 9:30 and ordered room service (the local berry pie was soooo good!) and then did a little spinning on my new travel wheel in hopes of getting used to the new girl.

Ya think the closer we get to 60 (and above) the more this may happen? LOL : D

- Denise (aka dlotter on ravelry)