Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Workshop prep, a nice surprise, and more BBoS previews

While I wait for the next step in the Huge Freaking Project With The Terrifying Deadline, I've been doing more prep work for my workshops at SAFF in October (I'm teaching 5 different classes, 2 of them brand new). Today I will order yarn for the two dyeing workshops, and I'll wind a sample skein of the Patriotic and the Watermelon Spiral Dyed Yarn colorways for class samples, and begin knitting the sample socks for display. The nice thing is once I finish those socks, I can set them aside for future workshops- this particular prep work is forever. I need to revamp the handout a bit, but not a whole lot. I also have a list of supplies that I need to buy and ship to NC before the end of October (I'm not going to fly with all of that stuff and take a chance on the airline losing the luggage. I'll send it early- that way if it disappears, I'll have time to order more).

Anyway, I got a nice surprise as I was checking the Fall 2009 Knit Picks catalog for dyeable workshop yarn- they revamped my Palette Fair Isle Cardigan pattern with the new colors in their Palette line. The pattern is available again, with the new colorway- link to Knit Picks in Stash Enhancers.

And since I'm bragging, here's another sneak peek from The Big Book of Socks. This is a worsted weight sock with a garter stitch lace cuff from Chapter 5.


joannamauselina said...

I always admired that sweater in Knitpicks, and I too, noticed that it was redone in new colors. I wondered if I was imagining this, but I see that I was not. I had forgotten that it was you who designed it, if in fact, I ever really knew that. It is one of my favorite Knitpicks things.

ChristyH said...

I am really looking forward to your sock book. One can never have too many sock books.