Saturday, August 29, 2009

Graduating Class

Earlier this week, I dyed the two colorways of sample yarn for the Graduated Color Band Dyeing class that I'm teaching at SAFF in October, and wound one small ball and the large ball for knitting. The last small hanks (the yarn for the mitten mates), I'm leaving as-is (as-are?) so the class can see what the yarn looks like before it's wound.
Over the last few days, I got the sample mittens knitted up (adult size- pattern will be included in the workshop handout). The color divisions are nicely delineated, and though there's not a lot of yarn left from each 50gr ball, there is some (larger mittens could be made by shortening the cuff- I just like 'em long). Of course, you could knit a smaller size, but unless you dyed shorter color sections, you'd end up with mittens that shade from one color to one slightly darker color, and not the whole range.

I'm also knitting sample hats from the larger balls. These will be simple ribbed-cuffed hats, which should show off the color changes nicely. 100gr is plenty for a hat in this style (pattern will be included in the handout also).

Next week, I'll get the handouts updated and ready to print. Next up, the All-Day Fair Isle class samples and handouts. I'm teaching that workshop at NCFF in September,as well.

Oh- and look at this adorable little sock project bag that I got from Ravelry. Cool, no?

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Bethel said...

Love the yarn. It's so cool looking both in the cake and knitted up too!