Sunday, August 9, 2009

SS09 Day 4- Genius is the sudden cessation of stupidity

So, it's over.

Today was a lower-key day than the previous 3. I had a 1-hour lecture on Turkish Stitches, given by Anna Zilborg, which was totally amazing. And beyond how wise and funny anna Zilborg is (the header is one of her quotes), something she said sparked a Lightbulb Moment for me- I think I know how to do Intarsia in the round (and make a Fair Isle pattern on the instep, while having a solid sole, and still do it in the round). I am very much looking forward to giving that a try when I get back home.

After lunch (and after The Marketplace closed- I bought a little more yarn. Are you surprised?), was The Luminary Panel, and the Closing Ceremonies. The Luminary Panel (Lucy Neatby, Cat Bordhi, Deborah Robson, Anna Zilborg, Priscilla Gibson Roberts, Meg Swanson, Barbara Walker, Judith Mackenzie-McCuin, and Nancy Bush), moderated by Tina Newton and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee was a hoot. And even hootier was sitting in a room with 1,500 knitters, all knitting. The ending was lovely, and teary-eye, and perfect.

I know I'll have a lot more to say about it all tomorrow, and in the next few days, but one thing that will definitely stick with me is Oregon's micro-management of flushing, as demonstrated by the instructions on every toilet in the Convention Center.

My flight is very early tomorrow (I have to leave for the airport at 5:00am), but we did take time to go out for dessert tonight at Papa Haydn's ( )... oh my.... oh my...

Anyway- there may be another Sock Summit (and I sure hope there is), but there will never be another First Sock Summit, and I am so lucky to have been here.


jessica said...

Oregon's micro-management of flushing, as demonstrated by the instructions .

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Michele said...

Glad you had a great time! I'm exhausted, whew. And just fyi, not all the toilets are like that, I had to giggle when I saw the ones at the convention center, same for the recycling/composting/garbage. Most of the time we just push the handle and flush, throw (most) of our trash in one can, take our cans/bottles/plastic back to the store for a deposit, and recycle at the curb.

Melanie Reuter said...

Re Portland Convention Center Toilets: So it's up for #1 and down for #2?

Geek Knitter said...

Absolutely consumed with jealousy... and so very happy for you that it was so cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen! It was such a pleasure to meet you at the Sock Hop! Fun to chat & groove to the oldies. Hope our paths will cross again!

- Denise (dlotter on ravelry)

Mortaine said...

Except in the men's room! They converted the men's room at the marketplace into unisex/women's, and I discovered a few things:
1) The men's stools are mounted slightly higher on the wall (this was not a happy thing to find, as I am short).
2) The men's toilets have buttons instead of a lever. WHY?!?
3) The men's toilets have an automatic flush option-- if you leave and didn't flush, it will flush an amount of water based on how long you were in there. I assume the women's toilets don't have this because the amount of time a woman spends in the stall may not be related to the type of material she puts into the toilet.
4) Although the toilets are mounted high, there is a bank of really, really low sinks, which are generally kind of gross and you don't want to wash your hands in them.... ;)