Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yarn and Salt

I spent today with Kris and Jane, shopping and eating. Actually I ran this morning, as well- at Waterfront Park, down on the Willamette River. It was cool and cloudy and perfect for a jog. I surely did not work off all of last night's culinary excesses, but I did get a start.

We ate lunch at a pizza place (can't remember the name), where I had a fresh mozarella/tomato/basil panini, and later had a microbrew at Amnesia Brewing (Desolation IPA- pretty good).

After lunch, we stopped at The Meadow, where we tasted and bought more salts. This time I got Jurassic Ocean (which wasn't majorly distinctive in taste, though it was very good. I just liked the name and the biggish chunks), Andes Mountain Rose, and Maboroshi Plum (both very light salts, and the Plum, very finely ground, like a popcorn salt), and a sampler of little tins as souvenirs for the folks back home.

And then we went to Yarnia PDX ( ), an amazing store, where you choose individual strands for your yarn from hundreds of cones (all fibers and blends, including sparkle strands), which they wind together for you on a cone. I chose 2 pre-wound cones (the peach sparkle, and the earth tones), and then selected wool, bamboo, and sparkle strands in greens, icy blues, and yellow for a unique blend. There is enough yarn in each cone for a pair of socks, and each ran $8-10, which is an undisputed bargain. Just watching the yarn wind is fascinating enough, but I get to knit with it too (I do wonder how splitty it will be- I'll just have to knit carefully).

Tonight, we're grilling salmon, and tomorrow, the Summit begins. I don't know if I'll take the computer with me or not (I have to on Friday for my podcasting class). We'll see how it goes. I may or may not have time to update during the day, but I will definitely take pics and post in the evening, if not before.

p.s. the weather is glorious- it may be 80 degrees, but the cool breeze and lack of humidity make it absolutely perfect

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