Saturday, August 8, 2009

SS09-Day 2- What I forgot last night

Folks, I am no longer 36. I am not even 46. I am tired. Smiling, happy, excited... but tired. As much as I want to go to the Ravelry Party tonight, it's way across town, and I think I'll hunker down for a quiet evening. Besides which, I need to do some laundry.

Here's the yarn I bought yesterday- the little skeins will be future Mitered Square socks. The yarn itself is already put upstairs, so I don't remember the dyer, but I'll link to it later tonight.

I bought some handmade stitch markers (a sheep, a bee, a lady bug, a frog, and a turtle), and Girl on the Rocks makes these adorable sheepie yarn bobbins (link on the right).

Here's the Sock Hop sign (it was such fun- so many poodle skirts, neck scarves, cardigans buttoned up the back, leather jackets, and swirly dresses).

And I picked up the first 2 issues of Handknit Heroes (the knitting superhero comics) and got them signed by the author for Voracious Reader, who is also a budding graphic novelist.

well, it's time to hit the road. I'll check in later, if I can stay awake that long. I think I may need a caffeine IV (and I don't do caffeine).

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Mortaine said...

Wow, I'm so glad I kind of quietly put "it's Kathleen Taylor" into the back of my brain and didn't fangush all over you this weekend!

I read Hotel South Dakota.... about 2 years ago, I think? When I met you on the Ravelry South Dakota group. I have long since given the book to someone else, but I liked it, and wish there were more of them.