Thursday, August 6, 2009

SS09 Day 1- You Look Just Like you

I don't have a clue where to start- I'm so tired that when I was writing notes on which pictures to upload, I wrote "F" 3 times when I meant to write "5".

Today was amazing. It was more than amazing- it was flat out OMFG amazing. I saw famous people (The Harlot! squeeeeeeeee!!!!!). I met Tina Newton (!!!!). I met new people who became instant best friends. I hung out with the coolest bunch of knitters on the face of the earth, and I didn't have to explain, even once, what the big deal was about socks. I walked around with a huge ass grin in my face all day long. I wore my Orion's socks and my feet weren't too hot, and people stared at my feet and everyone else's and no one thought it was weird. I wore my knitting-needles-through-the-head headband much of the day (if the crowds were thin- I was leery of poking out an eye. Or a nose, since I'm short) and not only did no one think it was odd, more than a dozen people recognized me simply because of the needles. In fact, the most common comment was, "Oh I know who you are. You look just like you!" (that, my friends, is the power of Ravelry). Speaking of Ravelry, I saw Jess and Casey (more squeeee!) And I met Joan Schrouder. And RoseKim (from RoseKim Knits). After a morning of thinking that no books had made it to the Summit, I learned that The Big Book of Socks was, indeed, available, though I may not have an official place with the signers tomorrow (due to the fact that no one thought the books were actually there)(if not, I'll hang around the area and sign anything anyone wants me to sign, including small children).

I learned how to crochet socks, turning heels, and making cables- all facinating. Our teacher, Karen Ratto-Whooley was great. That's her in the pic.

I love the swag, including a summit beer glass and a fantastic hoodie. I bought a Summit bag at the market place.

Ooooohhhhh- have I mentioned the market place????? I cannot begin to describe what it is like to be in the middle of 150 vendors, all with such stunningly beautiful wares (the pic shows but a small corner). I bought a bit of yarn already- 2 hanks from Shelridge Farm in Canada (wool/nylon, 185 yds, gold/green/brown), a Crown Mountain Farms Aris-superwash wool/nylon in peach/red/charcoal, a Crown Mountain Farms Apollo wool/bamboo/nylon in peach/silver gray/rust, and self striping watermelon yarn from Lisa Souza.

There is more, so much more, but I'm about to drop. The day was wonderful, the opening ceremony was funny and touching and amazing. And all day, knitters. Hundreds and thousands of knitters. Sock knitters... wow... And I get to do it all again tomorrow.
p.s. Every time I put the headband on, 14 people snapped my picture. I expect I'll find myself all over The Interwebs tomorrow.

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